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Student musicians, music educators frustrated over state restrictions

“Sports aren't the only ones with important scholarships this year. We have marching band scholarships, too,” Divett said. Students, parents, and music educators said it’s frustrating to see athletes play while the push to play music has fallen flat. “Very few sports have social distancing built into them,” said Lisa Gunderson, a band parent. “Spring is [...]

Lo-fi remixes of video game music is my new favorite genre

I don’t usually work with any music — it often distracts me — but recently, when I’ve needed a little music on in the background, I’ve become obsessed with lo-fi remixes of video game music on YouTube. I’ve already gone on record that I sometimes listen to video game music while working because a) I’m [...]

Women-oriented songs usher in winds of change in Punjabi music

The sangeet ceremony has just begun. Grannies and aunties are singing Punjabi folk songs — tappe and boliyaan — but everyone is eagerly waiting to hit the dance floor. No sooner does the DJ start, the dance floor begins to buzz with activity, setting the mood for the evening. From the young to the old, [...]

Russ Flexes $10M Bag Made Off Independent Market On Twitter

Being an independent rapper in Hip Hop is a lane not meant for the weak-hearted. There’s no help coming from a major label, so an artist has to dig into his pockets to fund and distribute their music. One rapper who has mastered the indy market is Russ. On Wednesday (March 3), Russ took to [...]

Police: Rapper OMB Peezy charged in music video shooting

ATLANTA (AP) — An Alabama rapper was arrested in connection to a shooting at a music video set in downtown Atlanta, authorities said. OMB Peezy was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, news outlets reported. The shooting happened on [...]

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