Mapping the Universal Language of Music

Musical talent must skip a generation; Mother was a brilliant pianist, but I have been trying to learn to play a single song on the banjo for years. Despite my own ineptitude, music has been a universal element of human civilization for countless generations. Every culture on every continent has made music and still does. [...]

Robots Can Make Music, but Can They Sing?

At an international competition called the A.I. Song Contest, tracks exploring the technology as a tool for music making revealed the potential — and the limitations. LONDON — For its first 30 seconds, the song “Listen to Your Body Choir” is a lilting pop tune, with a female voice singing over gentle piano. Then, everything [...]

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Love of Music

This season, there is no better place to celebrate a love of music than outdoors. Here are five ways to make it happen: Whether you host a smaller gathering for a handful of neighbors and friends in the backyard or organize a larger event in a public park or street, a block party is a [...]

‘It has stood the test of time’: was 1971 the greatest year in music?

Volume is paramount on the new Apple docuseries 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything, both in the play-it-loud sense as well as the sheer-quantity sense. The watershed social and artistic moment explored across the eight episodes contained a staggering amount of genius, to the point that an interview quickly dissolves into the same awed [...]

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software With the release of two free programs that encourage experimentation with global tuning systems, the musician and researcher Khyam Allami is challenging the Western biases of music production software. By Tom Faber In 2004, Khyam Allami was ready to give up on electronic music. No matter how hard [...]

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