Annapurna's Song, Music of the Himalayas, featuring Jerry Garcia's beautiful guitar tracks is produced in partnership with Seven Seas Music for the benefit of the American Himalayan Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO,  -- The Jerry Garcia Foundation launched its Only Love Records music label in a collaborative project with Seven Seas Music to benefit the American Himalayan Foundation. The label's first album titled, Annapurna's Song, Music of the Himalayas is a unique selection of music by a variety of artists from the Himalayan region. The compilation album, includes "Clouds," a Sanjay Mishra composition featuring the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia on guitar.

Also featured on the album is A.R. Rahman, an Academy Award–, GRAMMY®- and BAFTA Award–winning artist known for integrating Indian classical music with electronica, world music, and traditional orchestral arrangements. Rahman performs "Zariya" with Chöying Drolma, a Buddhist nun, musician, and philanthropist.

All net proceeds from this project will benefit the American Himalayan Foundation (AHF).

The music is accessible via the Seven Seas Music website and—accompanied by an album liner notes booklet featuring Garcia's visual art—via the Terrapin Gallery.

In the words of Jerry Garcia, "You need music, I don't know why. It's probably one of those Joe Campbell questions, why we need ritual. We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth, and celebration and religion in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it."

This plastic-free digital album release comprises a wide spectrum of music from artists originating from the Himalayan region, including areas of Tibet, NepalBhutan and India. Regarding the album's title, "Annapurna" is derived from Sanskrit and means "the giver of food and nourishment." "Anna" (अन्न) means "food" or "grains," and "pūrṇa" (पूर्ण) means "full, complete, and perfect." These meanings complement the album's music, which offers insights into the depth of the Himalayan people as it feeds and soothes the soul.

Himalayan Landscape/Artist: Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia's watercolor piece, titled Himalayan Landscape, will serve as the album's cover art. The art is available on the Charity Buzz website as a limited edition giclée.

Brooke Wentz of Seven Seas Music is the compilation's producer. The Jerry Garcia Foundation serves as executive producer, and Norbu Tenzing, vice president of the AHF, serves as executive director.

Mastering was done by Coast Mastering's Michael Romanowski, a GRAMMY-nominated audio engineer.

"Seven Seas' goal in working with the Jerry Garcia Foundation was to make certain that the music chosen for Annapurna's Song, Music of the Himalayas reflected the environment and spirit of the Himalayan region and its people accurately," said Brooke Wentz, founder and CEO of Seven Seas Music. "Given our uniquely specific catalog, I knew that we'd be able to fulfill the wishes of the Foundation in a respectful and successful manner. I am particularly proud of this body of work and new partnership."

Annapurna's Song, Music of the Himalayas includes the following tracks:

  1. Jerry Garcia/ Photo by Herb Greene

    Dekyi Lhazom — "Gö Thang Kar Dungi Dungdro Chen"

  2. Kutumba — "Sannani"
  3. Phosphenes — "Dust"
  4. Shyam Nepali — "Kanchi Matyang Tyang"
  5. Jerusha Rai — "Barud"
  6. Sajjan Raj — "Chitthi Bhitra"
  7. Bartika Eam Rai — "Hawaaijahaaj"
  8. Sanjay Mishra and Jerry Garcia — "Clouds"
  9. Chöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts — "Padmakara"
  10. Misty Terrace — "La Nye Ngam"
  11. Tenzin Namgyal — "Kyichung"
  12. Alif — "Ride Home"
  13. Angchuk Ralam and Phuntso Angchuk Kidar — "Flute Song"
  14. SOFIYUM — "Vhom Pundi"
  15. A.R. Rahman with Chöying Drolma and Farah Siraj — "Zariya"

According to the Jerry Garcia Foundation, "Jerry referred to playing music as a 'public service.' Today, his music continues to serve and uplift others. It is an honor to work in a creative way with Seven Seas Music to provide support for the mission of the American Himalayan Foundation."

Seven Seas Music

Seven Seas Music Inc. is a streaming and licensing platform that supports creative professionals seeking quality international music for their media projects. Its website provides custom search tools and other unique features that make the discovery and licensing of distant talent fast, easy and streamlined. Funds collected from licenses go back to the artists in their respective countries. Seven Seas Music empowers both sides — producers and artists — to provide delivery of memorable audiovisual experiences to audiences.

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American Himalayan Foundation (AHF)

The AHF brings shelter, safety, education, health and opportunities to people across the Himalayas. It takes care of people in the region who are in need and have no one else to turn to. It opens doors to education and health care, builds stronger communities and works in ways that respect both tradition and innovation. It gives the Himalayan people opportunity and hope so they can look to a brighter future.

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Jerry Garcia Foundation

The Jerry Garcia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports environmental, artistic and humanitarian causes through the beauty of art and music. Jerry's daughter, Keelin, and his wife, Manasha, established the foundation in 2015 in honor of the musician, artist and visionary.

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SOURCE Jerry Garcia Foundation; Seven Seas Music