Seven Days Walking Complete Set Available Now

Ludovico Einaudi's Seven Days Walking is inspired by his recurring walk in the Alps done over seven days, each journey altered by daily changes in nature, the weather, perspective, and more. Musically, Einaudi plays piano alongside cello and violin, a return to the distinct sound of his solo piano recordings with the blend of soft strings complimenting his minimalist and mesmerizing melodies. All seven albums from Seven Days Walking are now released in one complete collection for fans to enjoy.


Ludovico Einaudi's music has become some of the most recognizable in the world through its use in films and advertisements, making him the world's most ubiquitous contemporary composer. He has provided music for numerous films including Shane Meadows' 'This Is England' and the TV sequels 'This Is England '86' (for which he earned a BAFTA nomination), 'This Is England '88', and 'This Is England '90'. His music also appears in numerous feature films and trailers, including the Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary 'I'm Still Here', the French Oscar nominee 'Untouchables' and the multi-award-winning film 'Mommy' by Xavier Dolan, as well as regularly being heard on popular weekly television programmes and high profile adverts. Fans include Nicki Minaj, who walks onstage to his music, Iggy Pop, Tom Hiddleston and Ellie Goulding, but to name a few. Championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Einaudi's music has been sampled by Professor Green and remixed by Mogwai and Starkey. In 2016 the pianist performed on a floating platform in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, specially built by Greenpeace, to raise awareness of global warming.

Einaudi was born in Turin and trained as a classical composer and pianist at the Milan Conservatorio.  He studied under Luciano Berio, one of the most important composers of the twentieth century avant-garde.  After some early prestigious commissions in the classical world Einaudi turned his back on what he regarded as an essentially conservative approach to music to embrace his own enthusiasms, which included African, folk and rock music.

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