Presley TennantIt is so uplifting to know that there is a song that honors and celebrates a Dad who was not only present, but was fully engaged in his daughter’s life…and still is to this day. This song is “Half That Strong” by up-and-coming country superstar Presley Tennant.

Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Presley Tennant’s close and personal tribute to her Dad is her own way of recognizing the support of her father throughout her life…then and now. “Half That Strong” captures Presley’s admiration and appreciation for her Dad’s work and stability and life that he has always provided for her. It’s a beautifully written and wonderfully performed song that touches our deeply-felt feelings and sentiment.

“Half That Strong” is Ms.Tennant’s latest single release from her soon-to-be-released debut country album which also includes such gems as “Temporary,” “Bite The Bullet,” and “Always You.”

Presley was born and raised in Norco, California which is known as “Horsetown USA.”  In fact, there are not many actual sidewalks in the city of Norco; rather, you will see many horse trails, paths, and equestrian areas in Presley’s hometown! Ms. Tennant found her original roots back to country music after her unforgettable experience on season 16 of “The Voice,” where she earned her spot on “Team Kelly.” Music luminary Kelly Clarksonwho rose to fame for winning the first season of “American Idol” and who is known for her remarkable vocal range herself, champions Presley’s talent, and said about Presley’s performance “That’s a big ole range, ya’all.”  Presley says that appearing on The Voice “allowed me to truly find who I am as an artist.” It was right after that experience when Presley began her pursuit in country music.

Growing up in informal, rural Norco, gives Presley certain inborn, natural, unassuming qualities that her fans everywhere love about her. She is the real deal. Presley has a fantastic flair for performing and she really knows how to “bring it” and “sparkle” when she hits that stage, but her stagecraft is done in such a pleasing, natural and organic way so true to her roots.

The beginning lyrics immediately catch the ear… and the heart “Oh, you came from almost nothin’…you turned nothin’ into somethin' beautiful.” And then the magic and the heartfelt poetry goes on from there.

“Half That Strong” is filled with many lovely, thoughtful metaphors delivered with such emotion by this amazing singer... a musical love letter from a most grateful daughter to her Dad. I bet that in the early stages, when Presley first played this song for her Dad, there were many tears on both ends. We think that you’ll have them too when you listen to “Half That Strong.”

Joe Caroselli -